What´s to do?

There´s lots to do in Nerja and surrounding area but if you´re only here for a week or less I´d recommend you do very little. Explore the town and let it´s laid back atmosphere slow you down.

Here´s what I would do if I were you.

1. Visit the Balcon de Europa

Why? The views, the church, the buzz, the cafés, the icecream.

2. Explore the old town

Why? Beautiful, old fashioned streets, shops, bars & restaurants, the people selling homegrown fruit & veg on their doorstep.

3. Go to the beach

Which? El Salon. The alleyway to this beach is hidden next to the Unicaja bank on the Balcon de Europa square.

Burriana. This is the largest beach in town and has really good lunch restaurants on the sand. It also has pedaloes and watersports (July/Aug.)

4. Go for tapas

What are tapas? Tapas can be anything but small portions of it. Potato omelette, prawn salad, meatballs, cheese….Nerja has a great tapas tradition and most bars still serve them for free when you order a drink. If you really like something you can order bigger portions of it (raciones or media raciones.) For more info  http://www.nerjatoday.com/barsandrestaurants/


5. Go for a few drinks

Why? Because you´re on your holiers!


Cochran´s (next to the Balcon de Europa) has a large, sea view terrace. Then head down to the Irish pub for live music (Thu, Fri, Sat nights.)

El Molino (Between c/Pintada and c/Almirante Ferrandis) has live and real flamenco music in a very traditional setting.

Buddha Bar (Between c/Pintada and c/Almirante Ferrandis) has a large roof terrace to chill-out and sip coctails.

If you still want more click here for activities and excursions